Fox Host Just Claimed ‘There Are No Allegations Against’ Trump

Republicans were put on their heels recently when allegations came out that Religious Right firebrand Roy Moore, who stood to successfully defend a much-needed Senate seat, had sexually assaulted multiple teenage girls when he was in his 30’s.

Later, when an accusation was made that Democratic Senator Al Franken groped and forcibly kissed an adult woman, conservatives tried to use this to cover for Moore by making a “both sides” argument about sexual harassment and assault. One Fox reporter bizarrely did them one further by claiming hilariously that “there are no allegations” of sexual misconduct against Republican President Donald Trump.

Fox Business host Maria Martiromo had Barack Obama’s former assistant Christopher Lu on her show, and inquired if he felt that Bill Clinton should have stepped down from the presidency after his sexual relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky came to light. Lu argued that the former president would be “seen under a different political lens” if the charges against him been made today. He also pointed out the fact that Donald Trump was still elected president despite the fact that the Access Hollywood recording surfaced in which he boasted about sexually assaulting women. Said Christopher, “You need to look at this all in a whole. How do you measure allegations with a photo versus allegations involving a yearbook? What are the standards when you’re looking at a political election versus legal proceedings?”

Fired back Maria, “What do you mean how do you differentiate? There’s a picture [of Senator Franken].” Lu mentioned that there are multiple allegations currently about Roy Moore and “probably an equal number that have made allegations against the president.” He went on, “So if they deny the allegations, yet you have other evidence and you have their testimony — I’m inclined to believe all of the womens’ testimonies.” Bartiromo then said preposterously, “Just to be clear, there are no allegations against the president.” Lu said that these accusations were made before Trump was elected, but Maria nonetheless argued, “He said during the campaign that wasn’t true. In fact, didn’t he say also that, you know, all of this will come to light and there will be a lawsuit? I mean… we’re talking about a situation where we have a picture with the guy’s hands on her breasts. You can’t compare the two, Chris.” Bartiromo’s dubious claim met with instant scorn on the internet, to which the Fox host replied by blocking on Twitter many of the people who challenged her ridiculous statement. Do you think Bartiromo feels foolish now? Watch the full segment below: