Trump-Backing Radio Host Defends Roy Moore By Saying Jesus Was Also Accused

Hard-right evangelical Christians have become infamous in the past year and change for pulling out all the stops in support for Donald Trump, despite the fact that “pussy-grabbing” libertine Trump is probably the opposite of anyone’s imagining of a model Christian.

These attack dog evangelicals are now going even further to defend disgraced former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore who, unlike Trump, is unquestionably one of their own. In a recently broadcast, a Religious Right radio host named Sandy Rios blasted accused underage sex predator Moore’s many critics by comparing Roy’s plight to that of Jesus Christ.

On her show, Rios tried to reframe the scandal as an attack against all Christians. Said Rios to her listening audience about the detractors of Moore, who has been accused of sexually assaulting girls as young as 14, “His opinions on marriage, the sanctity of marriage, and the rule of law and the Ten Commandments are so unpalatable to the Washington establishment. They’re revulsed by that.” She went on, “This is a larger issue. The focus is on Justice Moore, but really he is a proxy for all of us that are believers in Jesus. Now I’m saying in terms of the hatred and vitriol coming his way and the delight, really, in destroying him if they can. It’s what the darkness always does to the light.” In cringeworthy fashion, Rios then turned to the Bible to defend the accused pedophile, saying, “Remember that Jesus himself was accused, but he was completely innocent. Remember that they paid guards to come and lie about whether the stone was rolled away and the body was not there. This is not new.”

In her previous broadcast, Rios had made use of a similar “cast the first stone” argument regarding Moore, trying to make her listeners think of whatever sexual sins they may have committed. Said Sandy, “Honestly, do you think there’s a person alive on the planet—certainly, I’ll limit it a little bit, I will say any man listening to my voice—that doesn’t have something in his past, in his box of secrets, that he’s ashamed of sexually? Especially, let’s just say, beginning in the ‘60s.” She then asked, “Where did we get to point where the standard for Christians is that there is never been anything ever? That they’ve lived a perfect life? I just don’t understand that.” Are you appalled at the shamelessness of Roy Moore’s evangelical defenders? Listen to her latest broadcast below: