British Prime Minister Theresa May Tells Putin, ‘We Know What You Are Doing’

To any American with common sense, it feels like our country has been held hostage for nearly a full year now by a would-be dictator with highly suspect loyalties.

President Donald Trump’s favor currying with Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia reached a new low recently when he stated to reporters that he believed Putin’s denial of having interfered in America’s 2016 presidential election. Thankfully, other countries have been picking up the slack to hit back at Russia. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, for example, recently delivered a stinging speech that informed Russia exactly where Britain stands with them and their attempts to undermine Western democracies.

In her address at the yearly Lord Mayor’s Banquet in London, Prime Minister May very straightforwardly accused Russia of trying to “weaponize information” in a “sustained campaign of cyberespionage and disruption.” Declared May to her fellow head of state Putin, “We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed. Because you underestimate the resilience of our democracies, the enduring attraction of free and open societies, and the commitment of Western nations to the alliances that bind us.” She went on, “The UK will do what is necessary to protect ourselves, and work with our allies to do likewise. So we will take the necessary actions to counter Russian activity. But this is not where we want to be — and not the relationship with Russia we want.”

May reconfirmed her commitment to Western pacts versus Russia, saying, “That is why we are driving reform of NATO, so this vital alliance is better able to deter and counter hostile Russian activity. It is why we have stepped up our military and economic support to Ukraine. It is why we are strengthening our cybersecurity and looking at how we tighten our financial regimes to ensure the profits of corruption cannot flow from Russia into the UK.” May made reference to Putin’s recent statement that “when a state fails to observe universal rules of conduct and pursues its interests at any cost, it will provoke resistance and disputes will become unpredictable and dangerous.” She replied, stating, “I say to President Putin, I agree. But it is Russia’s actions which threaten the international order on which we all depend.” Are you glad Britain’s May is standing tall against Putin?