Trump Breaks Tradition, Shuns American Nobel Prize Winners

Every year since 2001, the past President’s of the United States have met with the American Nobel laureates. However, President Trump is not a big fan of science and therefore, has chosen to break the years-old tradition and not meet with the winners, sources report.  Two American Nobel Prize winners, however, said they would not want to go to the White House even if there was an event honoring their great achievement.



In fact, Columbia biophysicist Joachim Frank told reporters he was actually “relieved” he wouldn’t see the president. “I will not put my foot into the White House as long as Trump, [Vice President] Pence, or [Speaker Paul] Ryan (i.e., the possible succession of impeachments) will occupy it,” Frank told sources.  He continued:  “I cannot speak for the others; don’t know them personally yet, but I strongly believe that as thinking intelligent people they will have a similar attitude as I.”


According to The White House, Trump is unable to meet with the winners because of his extensive travel schedule. For the past two weeks, Trump has been traveling through Asia and is expected to return early next week. Meanwhile, he has been making a fool of himself at every stop on his Asia trip.  Trump could meet the winners when he returned but he has chosen to just break the tradition likely because he does not value it. Yet in year’s past, former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush both held an event for the award recipients nearly every year.


For 2017, Trump is sending Michael Kratsios, Trump’s top political appointee in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, in his place. Kratsios will attend a reception Tuesday at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, which most of the laureates are expected to attend. Clearly, Trump does not value sciencetific achievement. But what else is new?