Top Alabama Leader Refuses To Withdraw Support For GOP Senate Candidate Moore

On Tuesday, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) appeared on CNN.


During the interview, Merrill refused to withdraw support for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple different women.


“As of today, with the information that has been introduced to me, and if these charges are not proven to be true, then I would continue to support and vote for Judge Moore,” Merrill said.


He continued, stating, “I didn’t do the investigation so I don’t know what level of validity there is. I don’t know whether they’re making it up or not, because I don’t know their intention. I don’t know whether there are other things that have happened to them to cause them to come forward at this time.”


Host Alisyn Camerota then asked Merrill if he believes the women are not telling the truth.


“Well, again, I think that anything is possible. I think this is a very, very difficult time for our state, I think it’s a difficult time for our people.”


“Judge Moore has been on the ballot eight times. Different elections, primaries, runoffs, general elections. He’s been an officeholder for more than three decades in our state, and not one time has any of this information ever been introduced publicly until some 30 days prior to the biggest election in his career,” he said.