MSNBC Host Scarborough Reveals The Biggest Threat To “Trumpism”

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough discussed what he believes is the biggest threat to “Trumpism.”


“You look at what’s happened to Roy Moore now and what you will see is just like you saw it in Virginia. You will see women standing in line in Mountain Brook, Alabama, one of the most Republican areas I have ever seen in my life to vote for Democrats. You will see women standing in line in Vestavia, in parts of Mobile, in parts of Montgomery,” Scarborough began.


He continued, stating, “You are going to see, once again, women making the difference, women who have never voted for Democrats before in their life saying, ‘No, this is not my party. If Republicans don’t think I’m good enough to be in their government, then I don’t think they are good enough to be my government.”



“And I think this actually poses one of the gravest threats thus far to Trumpism. And I think we will see it play out in Alabama.”


On Monday, new allegations came out against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Many top political leaders from both sides have called for Moore to drop out of the race.