List Of Lawmakers Known For Inappropriate Sexual Behavior Makes Its Way Around Congress

From Hollywood to Washington, the past few months have been filled with news reports of sexual harassment victims coming forward to identify their accusers. It all started in Hollywood, wh numerous women came forward to say that movie producer Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed them in the past. Then The Washinton Post broke the story of four women who accused GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of having sexual relations with them when he was 32 and they were as young as 14.
Since The Post’s story, dozens of lawmakers have come forward to say that they have also experienced sexual harassment. In fact, The Hill reports that an unwritten “creep list” of lawmakers and other Capitol Hill staffers known for unwanted or inappropriate sexual behavior is being circulated through word-of-mouth around Congress. The point of the list is to keep track of the male members most known for their inappropriate behavior in the offices. One former Capitol Hill aide said that some male lawmakers “have no self-control” around their female counterparts.


At this point, over 50 employees on Capitol Hill and admitted to reporters that they have experienced sexual harassment or unwanted advances while working in Congress. In response to the overwhelming number of victims, the House Administration Committee is holding a hearing this week while the Senate unanimously passed a resolution last week requiring mandatory sexual harassment training for Senators and their staffs. I guess it’s a start?
According to CNN, more than six people said a California congressman pursued female staffers. While six others accused a Texas congressman of inappropriate behavior. What’s more, one former aide told reporters:  “Amongst ourselves, we know. There is a certain code amongst us, we acknowledge among each other what occurs.” Is the sexual harassment that has been plaguing America about to come to a screeching halt?