Former Secretary Of Defense Delivers Ominous Warning Regarding North Korea Crisis

Bill Perry, the former Secretary of Defense Under President Bill Clinton, recently appeared on Politico’s “Off Message” podcast.


Perry first addressed what would happen if President Trump decided to launch a nuclear missile.


“What is clear, is that the secretary of Defense does not have veto power on it. This is a decision of the president’s. The order can go directly from the president to the Strategic Air Command. The Defense secretary is not necessarily in that loop. So in a five- or six- or seven-minute kind of decision process, the secretary of Defense probably never hears about it until it’s too late. If there is time, and if he does consult the secretary, it’s advisory, just that,” he said.


The former Secretary of Defense then warned that he is not very confident in the current administration’s ability to handle this crisis.


“I’m not really comfortable with anybody. But I do feel that Jim Mattis and I think also perhaps Secretary Tillerson, who I don’t know as well, represent a stabilizing influence in the administration. For whatever that’s worth. They’re not the ones who make the decision, final decisions, on grave national security issues. That’s made by the president.”


Perry then added that war with North Korea is still possible.


“I think it’s become more probable in the last year, partly because of President Trump, partly because of events happening which he really is not responsible for. But I think the danger is increasing.”