CNN’s Chris Cuomo Blasts Trump Over Enduringly Incompetent Hurricane Relief

Republican President Donald Trump’s intellectual bandwidth is limited to 140 characters and he has the attention span of a toddler. All of this adds up to someone who should not be in charge of the slow process of rebuilding an island after the devastation caused by a natural disaster.

Unfortunately for the mostly U.S. citizens who call Puerto Rico home, Trump holds the reins of the project to restore the U.S. territory following Hurricane Maria. Trump, however, is clearly treating the whole affair as an old news story that he wishes he could ignore or forget. CNN host Chris Cuomo recently called out Trump and his whole administration over how they have dropped the ball in facilitating Puerto Rico’s recovery.

Stated Cuomo on his program, starting off an update about relief for the island, “It’s been seven weeks since Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico is not back, OK?” He went on, “There’s all of this stuff online that everything is back to normal now. That’s a lie. Clean drinking water is hard to come by. Power has not been restored in a lot of that country. The top commander of the United States said that this U.S. territory, remember, they are Americans there, it’s time to start pulling out. The relief effort is transitioning from crisis mode to recovery. That’s going to be less resources.”

One scandal that has emerged from the White House’s efforts in Puerto Rico has centered around how Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke arranged for an inexperienced firm from his home state of Montana called Whitefish Energy to handle restoring the island’s power. According to allegations against Whitefish, the company charged Puerto Rico $319 per hour for its linemen’s work, while paying those employees only $63 an hour, for a massive profit. Concluded a deeply angered Cuomo, “This is part of America. These are American citizens.” Reporter Leyla Santiago concurred, saying, “I couldn’t agree more with you, Chris. Let me be more exact, 3.4 million American citizens will watch today as the three-star General leaves the island. He is aware of what you are saying. He knows much of this island still doesn’t have power, still doesn’t have clean water. And yet as we were with him in his last 24 hours on this island, he is standing by his decision to leave.” Are you glad Chris Cuomo brought much-needed attention to the White House’s mishandling of this situation? Watch the segment below: