Top Dem Senator Warren Delivers Warning To GOP During Latest Interview

On Sunday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) held a town hall in western Massachusetts.


Following the meeting, Warren spoke to reporters and issued a warning to the GOP regarding President Trump and the unity of the Democratic Party.


“We have come together as the party of opposition,” she stated.


Warren continued, saying, “We are not going to let a Republican majority that does not represent the will of the people just run over this country and I think it has shown up in health care, and I think it’s now going to show up in the tax fight. We’re in this one all the way.”


Many top Democratic leaders have become more optimistic following their party’s success in the elections on Tuesday.


On Sunday, Republican strategist Alex Castellanos described the new found unity in the Democratic Party.


“Donald Trump has made the Democratic Party great again. He’s unified it and given it intensity at the polls much like President Barack Obama unified and intensified the Republican party. If you look ahead at 2018 — those Republican districts that Hillary Clinton won, 23 of them — the House is in play,” he said while appearing on ABC’s “This Week.”