Sandy Rios Defends Roy Moore Against Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Evangelical radio host Sandy Rios is trying to defend the sick actions that GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore committed years ago with young girls. Instead of calling for the former judge to resign like most of the Republican party, Rios is suggesting that many men have sexual events in their past that they are not proud of.  The American Family Association official tried to downplay the fact the Moore has been accused of having sexual relations with girls as young as 14 when he was 32. But Rios doesn’t seem to care. She is arguing that the majority of men have things in their pasts that they are “ashamed of sexually.”


On her show last week, Rios asked: “Honestly, do you think there’s a person alive on the planet—certainly, I’ll limit it a little bit, I will say any man listening to my voice—that doesn’t have something in his past, in his box of secrets, that he’s ashamed of sexually? Especially, let’s just say, beginning in the ‘60s.”


She continued: “Where did we get to point where the standard for Christians is that there is never been anything ever? That they’ve lived a perfect life? I just don’t understand that.” Rios went on to ask her male listeners if they had any shameful sexual acts in their past.  Shameful, yes. But illegal? Most likely not. What Roy Moore did is illegal and highly inappropriate. Why the religious right keeps defending Moore is unfathomable.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already called for Moore to step aside. But Moore did not like that too much and responded by telling McConnell that he should step aside and step down as Senate Majority Leader. Sen. McCain echoed McConnell’s sentiments last week. On Monday, McConnell said he believes the women that have accused Roy Moore and the time has come for the Alabama judge to drop out of the race.