Right-Wing Fox Host Jeanine Pirro Slams GOP For Supporting Roy Moore

The recent accusations against Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have caused a sharp split within the Republican Party. On one side, there are many who either did not like Roy Moore in the first place, are appalled by the credible claims that he is a pedophile, or can see the long-term damage that having a person like Moore in a prominent election position could inflict on the Republican Party as a whole.

On the other hand are those who are still backing Moore, either because they support the extremist views he espouses or because they are worried about potentially losing the Alabama Senate seat to a Democrat. With surprising candor, a typically knee-jerk hard-right Fox News host made it clear how she feels about many Republicans’ continued support for Moore.

Stated GOP and Trump banner-waver Jeanine Pirro on her show Justice to far-right activist David Bossie about Moore, “Mitt Romney has actually said, ‘The presumption of innocence only applies in a court of law and it doesn’t really apply here. I mean, how can this guy and — if the allegations are true, I spent my career going after sexual predators and pedophiles, trust me — but right now, it’s 40 years later. I doubt that there could ever even be a charge filed here.” Pirro added, “The guy has been investigated a million times, Roy Moore. Apparently more than any other candidate in Alabama. Is the Republican Party destroying itself or didn’t they do enough vetting of this guy, Moore?”

Argued Bossie in response, trying to dismiss the Moore accusations as baseless, politically-motivated smears, “I don’t know the answers to those questions. But I can say this, Judge Moore has been on the ballot many times over a long period of time. How this just miraculously comes out when this Hollywood [mogul Harvey Weinstein] and the atmosphere that is pervasive, which is, if there’s an allegation, the person is guilty.” He went on to suggest that, unlike with Moore, “in the case of these lowlifes in Hollywood on the left, [the charges] are accurate.” Shot back Pirro, surprisingly, “This is 40 years ago!” Bossie answered, “It’s the atmosphere that we are in.” Jeanine responded, “The whole thing is ugly. And let’s hope that none of it is true. If it is, it’s just an example of…” Bossie cut her off before she could finish her damaging statement, and said, “One of the accusers is a Hillary Clinton supporter and volunteer and was with Joe Biden. It’s an interesting thing that it seems to be a Democrat [sic] activist, a leftist activist in Alabama.” Is it bad for Republicans when one of their most loyal Fox News propagandists cannot swallow their official party line defending Roy Moore? Watch the full segment below: