John Oliver Plans To Use Ads On Fox News Show To ‘Sneak’ Info To Trump

Show host John Oliver has often been a vocal critic of President Trump. Sometimes his show turns from comedy to commentary when he discusses Trump’s heinous rhetoric. In fact, during a recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver cited a quote that called “Fox & Friends” the “most powerful TV show in America.” Earlier this year, the New York Times pointed out the show was “suddenly, for no other reason than its No. 1 fan,” the “most powerful TV show in America.”



Trump later tweeted about indicating that he had heard the article. Oliver said: “Information goes right from that show into his brain, which is terrible. Because we would genuinely be better off if Trump was getting daily briefings from an actual fox and his friends, a hedgehog and a weasel with his head stuck in a tin can.” Oliver went on to say that if he plans to sneak information to Trump “through our Catheter cowboy” and run the ad during the show to send Trump messages.


Oliver said: “A number of commercials are going to be airing on Fox News over the next few months.” He went through one example of an ad featuring “Catheter Cowboy. In the ad, the Catheter Cowboy explains that the term “clean coal” doesn’t refer to the “physical act of cleaning coal. Also, Frederick Douglass is dead,” which is a reference to Trump’s comments on Douglass last February.


Oliver said the ad will be on Fox and air later this month in the D.C. area. Oliver went on to tell his audience to “keep an eye out” for more ads like this “because that cowboy has got a bunch up his sleeve.” In the ad, the Catheter Cowboy tells Trump: “Remember, if you’re not enjoying this, there’s no shame in quitting.”


This is not the first time the brilliant Oliver has taken aim at Trump and it certainly won’t be the last.