George Clooney Has Pessimistic View Of Democratic 2020 Contenders

Academy Award-winning Syriana and Ocean’s Eleven actor George Clooney was an outspoken supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, and even hauled in more than $15 million for her campaign from two California fundraisers he hosted.

It’s understandable that Clooney may feel burned after the Democratic Party’s highly qualified candidate ended up getting defeated on Election Day by tacky showman Donald Trump. A year after this experience, the actor had some tough love advice for the Democrats about how they should and should not go about challenging President Trump in 2020.

In an interview to promote his new film Suburbicon, Clooney told British newspaper The Sunday Times that he does not feel the Democrats have a prospective 2020 candidate yet who “lights up a room” like Donald Trump does. Conceded George about fellow showbiz figure Trump, “Trump, for all his terrible instincts, is very charismatic. A TV star.” He then theorized, “People didn’t vote for him because he accomplished anything. They knew him. And they were, like, he’s exciting. He says outlandish stuff. That’s fun. He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard.” He went on to gripe, “I sat with the Democratic committee and said, ‘You guys keep coming to us for money, but you don’t come to us for the one thing we know how to do,’ which is make a poster that steals opening weekend. But we don’t have a good Democratic candidate yet. We don’t have anybody who lights up a room.”

The actor-director was asked if the Democrats should choose a celebrity to run in 2020 against Trump, and he replied, “Not necessarily.” However, Clooney stated, “But you need someone who can light up the room. You need what Barack Obama had: He showed up and you went, ‘That guy speaks to my voice.’” He elaborated, “Democrats in general are very passive. In debates, the Republican will go, ‘That guy’s bad, and that guy’s good.’ And the Democrat will say, ‘Well, I understand what you’re saying, because your parents were alcoholics …’ And the reality is that you need people who go, ‘That’s good. That’s bad.’ ” Do you think Clooney’s take is correct?