While Being Honored at a Dinner Trump Shows Massive Disrespect to Hosts Humiliating Himself.

President Trump’s long trip to Asia is really starting to wear him down. His trip was already cut short by his staff over concerns that we would get “tired” and “cranky.” The senior officials worried that the strain on our lazy and pampered President would lead to “unpredictable or undiplomatic behavior,” which would translate into Trump again embarrassing the entire country.

Well, Trump did just that. Same as anytime Trump tried to pretend he knows how to be a diplomatic government official, he made a total fool of himself. In fact, sources report  Trump had “a hard time” staying awake and focused at a state banquet attended by many world leaders. What’s the problem? Well, Trump was the guest of honor, so you can imagine how disrespectful his behavior must have been.

One British outlet reported: “A sleepy-looking Trump opened and closed his eyes repeatedly during his host’s toast, a set of dry remarks that had to be translated bit by bit for him from Vietnamese to English.”  Several images were captured of Trump that confirms the reporters’ claims.

Vietnam is the fifth stop on Trump’s tour of East Asia. Trump has several more countries to see and a lot more world leaders to speak with. In Japan, Trump humiliated himself by failing to remember some of the business deals that he has helped orchestrate. Tired and forgetful? Perhaps the job of President is really taking its toll on the real estate mogul.

There is no telling what surprises the next stops on Trump’s Asia trip hold. While it is understandable that Trump may be tired. He is the President of the United States and he is being honored by another global leader; therefore, he could at least pretend to exhibit some degree of decency and respect for Vietnam instead of falling asleep.