Bannon Downplays Moore Sexual Assault As Democratic Politicking

Steve Bannon calls Luther Moore's sexual assault accusation a function of Democratic politicking, comparing it to Trump's Access Hollywood tape.

Steve Bannon is the anti-establishment intellectual that carried Donald Trump to the White House in 2016 and has inspired a wave of Congressional leaders since. Most recently, Bannon campaigned on behalf of Washington-outsider Luther Moore in Alabama, to the distaste of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other establishment Republicans. Moore won, and represented an unknown quantity to the party apparatus in D.C. Now, however, he has also been accused of sexual assault, which has damaged an already fragile reputation in Washington.

When asked about the assault, Bannon blamed the Democrats for playing politics. He cited President Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape as comparison. “The Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post that dropped that dime on Donald Trump, is the same Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post that dropped the dime this afternoon on Judge Roy Moore. Now is that a coincidence?” Bannon wondered aloud.

“That’s what I mean when I say opposition party, right? It’s purely part of the apparatus of the Democratic Party. They don’t make any bones about it. By the way, I don’t mind it. I’ll call them out every day,” he said.

Bannon continued to chide Mitch McConnell for refusing to stray from the party agenda, despite President Trump’s rousing election win. “The Senate and Mitch McConnell have been the — the most outrageous in their lack of support of President Trump’s agenda,” Bannon said. “I have an objective that Mitch McConnell will not be majority leader, and I believe will be done before this time next year.”

Bannon went on to say that Trump “is the least racist guy I’ve ever met” and that “nothing in the campaign, and nothing that he’s done to date” has encouraged white nationalist groups.

“You can’t help with a couple of, these guys are marginalia to marginalia. Right? So they’ll grab on to anything — and by the way, every time they say Trump’s name, MSNBC has got a camera on it and The New York Times has an article on it, right? Because you’re obsessed with it,” Bannon concluded. “A hundred percent it’s a hundred percent media fabrication.”