WATCH: Colbert Blasts Trump Jr. Over Embarrassing Election Day Mistake

On Tuesday, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert blasted Donald Trump Jr. over his Election Day mistake.


“Meanwhile, back in the United States, it’s Election Day—just not the one we wish it was. Either way, I am planning to uphold the Election Day tradition I started last year: getting a very close look at my carpet through an empty liquor bottle. One year tomorrow,” Colbert said.


He continued, stating, “The election everyone’s watching this year is the race for governor for Virginia. It’s a race between Republican and anxious groundhog Ed Gillespie, and Democrat and doctor-explaining-where-he’s-going-to-put-his-finger Ralph Northam.”


“One person weighing in on this race is spare Trump and man-who-reads-Maxim-on-his-Kindle Donald Trump Jr. Donald Jr. woke up this morning to urge people to get the vote out—but maybe he should have waited till he had his morning cup of hair gel, because he tweeted: ‘More freedom and economic opportunity are within reach in #Virginia! Vote @EdWGilespie tomorrow! @VA_GOP”


“Which is a fine thing to tweet, except the election was today—not tomorrow #whoopsiedaisy #turnsoutericwasthesmartone,” Colbert said.


“Now, Don Jr. later repeated his mistake, tweeting a second time that Virginia voters should cast a ballot for Gillespie a day late.”


The video of Colbert is below: