Trump Judge Pick Admits He Discriminates Against Gays

Alt-right troll Donald Trump has made no shortage of crineworthy appointments to top government posts in his current gig as President of the United States.

None yet, however, can approach his nomination of outspoken bigot Jeff Mateer to become a district judge in a federal court in Texas.

Mateer, who is currently Texas’ Assistant Attorney General under the state’s hard-right Governor Greg Abbott, has a long history of making public his nauseating stances on an assortment of issues. For example, Mateer gave a speech to the National Religious Liberties Conference just two years ago in which he stated, “Guess what? I attend a conservative Baptist church. We discriminate, alright. On the basis of sexual orientation, we discriminate. Does that mean I can’t be a judge? In some states, I think that’s true, unfortunately.” The fact that he readily discriminates against the LGBT community in all likelihood gave him more traction in Trump’s administration.

Mateer, who may soon decide federal court cases, has stated that “separation of church and state” is not in the U.S. Constitution. Commented Mateer, “I would bring a $100 bill and I would say, ‘Alright, first person’ — and everybody has their iPhone — and I would say ‘first person to find in the Constitution the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ gets this $100 bill’ .… And you know what — and everybody knows that, right? — that phrase isn’t in the U.S. Constitution. It’s nowhere.” He has also expressed his opinion that diversity training of employees is “brainwashing,” stating, “[T]he federal government right now has a lot of mandatory diversity training .… But it is nothing less than brainwashing with the Left’s agenda on LGBT. So we’re encouraging federal employees to exercise their religious liberty rights and ask for an accommodation. ‘I don’t wanna attend your diversity training because it violates my religious beliefs.’ They have a federal-law right to not be, to participate. … Really, it’s what they call ‘reprogramming’ in order to convince them that something that they know is wrong is right. There’s no reason an employee has to sit through that.” Are you sickened at the thought of this outspoken bigot becoming a federal judge? Listen to his comments about discriminating against gays below: