Panelists Announce ‘Divide And Conquer’ Strategy To Regulate Transgender Ideology In Public Schools

The Values Voter Summit always brings the most conservative and radical minds all to the same convention for one weekend every year. But last weekend’s annual meeting seemed to be on steroids. Perhaps, the evangelicals think that now that there is a conservative in Office their agenda will more likely align with that of the public. Yet Republicans don’t seem to care about what other people think, just with pushing their own ideas and moral beliefs onto others. In fact, one session at last week’s summit was on the topic of“transgender ideology in public schools.” During this session, one panelist promoted a “divide and conquer” strategy to defeat “totalitarian” school policies on transgender inclusion.


Panelist Meg Kilgannon, a parent and director of Concerned Parents and Educators, was focused on “gender identity” and a “divide and conquer” strategy.  She explained: “For all of its recent success, the LGBT alliance is actually fragile, and the trans activists need the gay rights movement to help legitimize them. Gender identity on its own is just a bridge too far. If you separate the T from the alphabet soup, we’ll have more success.”


Kilgannon went on to compare the practice to “the 1950s lobotomy fad in psychiatry.” She continued to bash the LGBTQ community.  “If you attack trans people, you become the proof they rely on for demanding protection. So don’t play into their victim narrative because, in this culture war, they are the bullies, not the victims. Elected officials who vote for this nonsense are fair game,” she added.



Then, Josh Hertzler of the Family Foundation of Virginia asked: “Should a child in public schools be forced to share a shower room, locker room, bathroom, or even the same bed during an overnight school-sponsored trip with another student of the opposite sex?” He then went on to add: “Notice, by the way, we are not even addressing the more fundamental question of whether, and upon what basis, should students be permitted to outwardly identify as the opposite gender while in the school setting?”