McCain Slams Trump Administration Over Lack of Transparency Regarding Niger Ambush

Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain threatened Thursday to use a committee subpoena, if necessary, to get more information on the ambush in Niger that killed four U.S. soldiers.

Still, speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill following a hearing, the Arizona Republican said White House national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster had committed to briefing lawmakers on the incident.

“It may require a subpoena, but I did have a good conversation with Gen. McMaster, and they said that they would be briefing us,” McCain said. “We have a long friendship, and we’ll hopefully get all the details.”

McCain has slammed the Trump administration for not being up front with Congress about the ambush. When asked again Thursday if the White House was being forthcoming, McCain responded, “Of course not.”

He also reiterated his criticism that he had better communication with the Obama administration than with Trump national security officials.

“Actually, it was easier under Obama,” McCain said. “I’m very close to these people. We converse all the time. Gen. McMaster was in to see me yesterday. We’re just not getting the information in a timely fashion that we need.”

 Will things change anytime soon or are we looking at four years of deception from the Trump administration? Let us know what you think in the comments.