Lance Wallnau Claims Hollywood Scandals Are God’s Judgement For Criticizing Trump

Lance Wallnau is known for his outlandish posts and random right-wing jabbering videos on social media. But earlier this week, the Trump supporting preacher streamed a video on social media in which he asserted that the sexual abuse scandals that are rocking Hollywood are God’s judgment on the entertainment industry for criticizing President Trump. He started out by alluding to the recent revelations that studio executive and film producer Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed a number of actresses who did work for him throughout his career.


Wallnau said during his rant that the story wasn’t about Harvey Weinstein. But the story was about how “God is now visiting Hollywood.” He continued, “We’ve been praying about Hollywood, guess what? God is answering it by going to the strong man’s house and picking off the top and He’s working his way down in exposing those who have reached out their hand and their finances and their influence on a mission to attack the president.”


The evangelical went on to explain that “Donald Trump is a blessing, not a curse, and the hand of God is on him for this work.” He continued, “Those obnoxious, disrespectful voices that have been assaulting him are, one by one, coming down and Hollywood is having a wrecking ball moment right now. God is dealing with Hollywood. They ain’t talking about Donald Trump now, they got their own situation.”


While it is true that Hollywood does have its fair share of Trump critics, it has always been known as a very liberal industry, as are most art-related industries. However, trying to liken one executive gross misconduct and abuse of power to an act of God is sickening and troubling in and of itself. And it is almost as if Wallnau believes his own nonsense. Watch the below video and comment with your thoughts.