Rep. Mike Johnson Wants To Repeal An Amendment To Give Churches More Power

This year’s Values Voter Summit was one for the books. Not only did President Trump make all of his religious-right fan base’s dreams come true with talks about battling abortion and bring back the saying “Merry Christmas” but the Sumit was also attended by some of the most radical and religious-right activists and lawmakers. In fact, Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana said during the opening of the summit that the Johnson Amendment must be repealed so that “we can unshackle the voice of the church.”


Don’t know what the Johnson Amendment is? Well, it all has to do with separation of church and state, which is something the Founding Fathers supported. However, Trump does not care about the principles that America was founded on, he only cares about his own heinous agenda. The Johnson Amendment prevents tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, from supporting candidates for office. Needless to say, President Trump has made repealing it a priority so that conservative Christian churches will be able to talk freely about how much they love him and of course support his power trip campaigns financially.


The Republican lawmaker went on to falsely claim that the IRS “has been censoring and silencing the pulpit,” Johnson wrongly claimed that the amendment was enacted “as a vendetta against some churches in Houston that opposed” the election of Lyndon Johnson to the Senate in the 1950s. However, the Louisana Congressman claims “Johnson never had churches in mind” when the amendment was written.


Johnson urged lawmakers to repeal the restrictions brought from the amendment and “unleash the pulpits of this country again, that’s the moral leadership that we need for America at this very pivotal time and I think it’d be a game changer.” Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina echoed these sentiments when he said:  “The voices on the left were never shackled, now it’s time to unshackle the voices on the right.” Watch the entire clip below and comment with your thoughts.