Michele Bachmann Says ‘Every Archeology Find Has Proved The Authenticity Of The Bible’

Michele Bachmann is a right-winger who is always coming up with false reason to support her very extreme religious claims. Therefore, it is no surprise that Bachmann spoke at the Values Voters Summit on Friday to the crowd of religious-right Trumpers. During her speech, the former Congresswoman spent a good amount of time preaching the Christian gospel and urging attendees to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior or spend eternity in hell. After watching the speech, one could feel as though they had just left church. But I guess that’s what she was going for.


The former Republican lawmaker started out by celebrating the election of President Trump before dedicating the rest of her speech to recounting the history of Christianity and the saving power of Christ. Bachmann told the crowd of enthusiastic Trumper’s: “You know, the remarkable thing when you read the Bible, every archeology find that has ever come forward has only proved the authenticity of the Bible.”


She continued: “We can’t even conceive of how great eternity will be with Him. It will be fabulous. And as fabulous as heaven will be, there will also be a literal hell. In the greatest tragedy in all of history, people who do not receive this free gift, there will be a place called hell and hell lasts just as long as heaven.”


During this same summit, Trump told the crowd of evangelicals that he vowed to protect the Pro-life stance in which his supporters are determined to press upon the American people. Trump also went on to declare that they will be bringing back the saying “Merry Christmas.” Trump asserted that liberals have made saying “Merry Christmas” politically incorrect and he is going to change all that. Between Trump and Bachmann, the Obama-era religious liberty policies are out the door. Trump told the crowd: “we don’t worship government, we worship God.”  Watch Bachmann’s full speech below and comment with your thoughts.