EPA’s New 4 Year Plan Under Trump Contains Startling Omission

The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a 38-page, four year strategic plan.


In that plan, the phrase “climate change” does not appear once.


According to CNN, “Under the Obama administration’s EPA, “Addressing Climate Change and Improving Air Quality” was the first of five goals in the four-year strategic plan. That 80-page document, developed in 2014 under administrator Gina McCarthy, referenced “climate change” more than 40 times.”


Many scientists are outraged by the omission.


Dr. Rachel Cleetus, lead economist and climate policy manager with the Union of Concerned Scientists, spoke to CNN about the EPA’s refusal to acknowledge climate change.


“Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time and it doesn’t even appear in the strategic plan for this agency- that’s stunning. This wasn’t an oversight, this is a deliberate strategy by this administration,” she said.


Cleetus continued, stating, “Will permits for industry be rushed through at the expense of public health?”


Liz Bowman, spokeswoman for the EPA, told CNN, “We are focused on tangible environmental results for the American people: cleaning up contaminated land, punishing those that break environmental laws to the detriment to human health and the environment — and providing more Americans with access to clean air, land, and water.”