Clinton Warns Warren, Harris of Perils of Running for President As Women

Hillary Clinton, reflecting on her 2016 election loss, warns Democrats Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren of the struggles of running as women.

Hillary Clinton was nearly president in 2016, but could not close the deal. Even against Donald Trump, who broke every political convention and said plenty of egregious things about various minorities and ethnic groups, she could not get a win. In her recent book, called “What Happened,” she blamed plenty of people for her loss, ranging from Russian hackers to Bernie Sanders to the Republican establishment. But now, in a warning to Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris – potential Democratic hopefuls in 2020 – she apparently blames her status as a woman as well.

She said that if Harris or Warren want to run for president, “you have to have a high pain threshold, because the double standard is alive and well … this is endemic to our political system, to business, to the media, to every part of society. So don’t be afraid to talk about it and take it on.”

“[J]ust be prepared … to have the most horrible things said about you,’’ Clinton continued. Based on things people wrote about her, she said, “I’m … the most amazing serial killer you ever met.” “There’s a particular level of vitriol, from both the right and the left, directed at women,’’ she said. “Make no mistake about that.”

She used the opportunity to speak about Russian hacking as well. “Everyone, regardless of political parties, should be disturbed that Russian agents used Facebook and Twitter and Google to place targeted attack ads … not only to hurt my chances, but to fan the flame of divisions within our society,’’ Clinton said.

But Vladimir “Putin is not just interfering in our discourse because he’s bored … he’s got a strategy,’’ she continued. “His goal is to undermine and perhaps even destroy Western democracy itself. Their weapons of choice may not be tanks or missiles. But let’s not mince words. This is a new kind of Cold War, and they are just getting started.”