WATCH: Trevor Noah Goes After Trump And Defends NFL Players In Viral Video

On Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah blasted President Trump and defended the NFL players who decided to protest peacefully by taking a knee during the National Anthem.


Noah began by pointing out a peculiar fact.


“When Nazis were protesting in Charlottesville, Trump said some of these were very fine people, very fine people. And aren’t we all Nazis, really?” Noah said.


He continued, stating, “But then, when black football players protest peacefully by taking a knee during the anthem, he calls them sons of bitches who should be fired. Now look, I don’t know if Trump is racist, but I do know he definitely prefers white people to black people. I can say that with confidence.”


Noah then commented on Trump’s statement that NFL referees “are ruining the game.”


“Forget being president- what kind of a human being wants more brain damage?” Noah said.


“The Daily Show” host added, “”How can one person be on the wrong side of everything in history? I’m just waiting for Trump to be like, ‘What’s with all these seatbelts, folks? I remember a time when people weren’t afraid to go through the windshield headfirst. Dust yourself off, shake hands and do it again.’”


The video of Trevor Noah is below: