Two Restaurants in Syracuse NY Refuse to Play NFL Games After Being Offended by Protests

CNY Central first reported:

“At least two Central New York restaurants say they will not show NFL games because of controversy over conduct during the national anthem.

Borio’s Restaurant, which sits along Oneida Lake in Cicero, posted a note saying it would not show the games, adding “if and when this show of disrespect ends we will be happy to show this product on (sic) our restaurant again.” On Monday afternoon, Marty Borio told us this afternoon that he has no further comment at this time.

Cooper’s Landing, which describes itself as a pub in Cicero, posted on its Facebook page on Monday that it also will not air NFL games: “So after this past weekend with the NFL Cooper’s will be joining Borio’s and NOT airing the NFL games. Enough is enough. It’s time for these million dollar snowfakes to stop disrespecting the Men-Women -Dogs that signed a blank check for them to act like this. Hopefully things will change. WE will be airing Baseball-Hockey-Mud-Water & Snow sports with Specials .United We Stand.””

Well, it seems members of the small business community in Syracuse have been offended by Black NFL players exercising their right to protest. Hopefully, the entire Syracuse community is a little bit more open-minded but it’s hard to tell. Let us know what you think in the comments.