Kansas High Schoolers In Trouble For What They Said To Gay Classmates

Kansas has long been a hotbed of hard-right conservatism, and is the home of Trump’s “voter fraud panel” chair Kris Kobach, who currently serves as Kansas’ Secretary of State. In one sense, it should not be surprising that high school students in Kansas would act in a barbaric way toward gay members of their classes.

In another sense, however, the treatment that LGBT students just received at one Kansas high school shows how far we have descended as a country in our bigotry during the Age of Trump.

In the wealthy Kansas City suburb of Olathe, students ridiculed gay classmates and threw candy at them during their high school’s homecoming parade. As reported by local affiliate station Fox4KC, a progressive student group named the Gender and Sexuality Alliance at Olathe Northwest High School was participating in the parade when other students from the school (some of whom were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats) yelled at the group’s members to commit suicide and yelled “Make Olathe Northwest straight again.” Said one student who declined to be identified, “People were throwing things at us, and I did hear a few words shouted at us kind of along of the lines of ‘Make America straight again.’ We were expecting to have fun and just walk around and show our pride.”

The mother of one assaulted student told reporters, “I’m embarrassed because this is where I grew up. This isn’t who we are, come on. Where is this coming from? Why? Why do we have to hate each other? I don’t get it.” Olathe Northwest school officials put out a statement, saying, “We were provided information late this afternoon that inappropriate student conduct occurred during our Homecoming parade today. We are taking this information very seriously and have immediately started an investigation. Please allow myself and our administrative team time to do our due diligence and conduct a full and comprehensive investigation. Olathe Northwest High School does not and will not accept any conduct that is disparaging or harassing to our students, staff or community. The safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority.” Are you disgusted by the hate Trump has brought out and encouraged? Watch the report below: