InfoWars Host Claims White Globalists Are Using NFL Protest To Make Americans Racist

Alex Jones is a well-known conspiracy theorist who is now claiming that Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who choose to kneel during the national anthem are part of a larger plot by white globalists to make American white people racist. On Sunday, the InfoWars host blasted Colin Kaepernick for protesting racial injustice despite being adopted by “white saviors” as a child and earning millions of dollars in professional sports.


Jones went on to say that NFL players who also protest by kneeling for the national anthem are complicit in a larger conspiracy to make white people racist. Jones explained: “And of course this is all meant to divide America. It’s social engineering by the globalists to make whites racist.”


Jones went on to say, “You know what whites are is lazy, candy-ass, politically correct trash. There’s not much worse in this country than white people, to get to the end of the day. They’re the ones all saying the white people are the devil.”


He continued: “They’re the ones that came up with this race-baiting to make everybody racist. I don’t want to give an anti-white rant, but if you want one I’ve got one because I’ve been watching who’s been leading all of this. And they’re a bunch of sociopaths. And I’m sick of them.”


This is not the first conspiracy theory Jones has spewed on his show. Jones is known for his far-right rhetoric and delusional statements. The host makes his money by instilling fear in the minds of his followers. The show host often asserts that the elites of the world want to divide people so they can control the masses. He is constantly telling his followers that there is a war for control of their minds. Watch his latest rant below and comment with your thoughts.