Golden State Warriors Coach Slams Trump In Perfect Way For His Anthem Comments

Republican President Donald Trump has been wasting plenty of breath (and Twitter bandwidth) attempting to shame professional football players who exercise their right to free speech by electing to not stand for the Anthem during games.

However, it should not be forgotten how President Trump has extended his verbal abuse to the (also majority-black) sport of basketball, in the form of picking Twitter fights with Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and disinviting the championship team from visiting with him in the White House. A clearly angered Steve Kerr, who is the Warriors’ head coach, just struck back with some choice words for President Trump.

The members of the Golden State Warriors’ 2016-2017 NBA championship team are owed a reception at the White House by the sitting president, as per custom. However, since the current president is Donald Trump, the team’s players were wavering in their enthusiasm regarding if they would end up going to the White House or not. After Stephen Curry made reference to his disinterest during a broadcast interview, President Trump shot back via Twitter, posting, “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is hesitating,therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

Steve Kerr did not waste energy attempting to be polite in his response to President Trump’s Twitter statement. Commented Kerr on ESPN, “The idea of civil discourse with a guy who is tweeting and demeaning people and saying the things he’s saying is sort of far-fetched. Can you picture us really having a civil discourse with him? It was an actual chance to talk to the president. After all, he works for us. He’s a public servant. He may not be aware of that, but he is a public servant, right? So maybe as NBA champions, as people in a prominent position, we could go in and say, ‘This is what’s bothering us, what can we do about this?’” Steve also sharply criticized Trump’s remarks directed at former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, continuing, “How about the irony of, ‘Free speech is fine if you’re a neo-Nazi chanting hate slogans, but free speech is not allowed to kneel in protest?’ No matter how many times a football player says, ‘I honor our military, but I’m protesting police brutality and racial inequality,’ it doesn’t matter. Nationalists are saying, ‘You’re disrespecting our flag.’ Well, you know what else is disrespectful to our flag? Racism. And one’s way worse than the other.” Are you glad Kerr spoke out so bluntly? Watch his full comments below: