As the Senate Gears Up For Another Repeal and Replace Vote Americans Are Left Out to Dry.

The following is an opinion piece written by Tucker Benedict which first appeared on Polityke, a nonprofit, advertisement free news publication.

As the GOP controlled Senate bolsters support for another repeal and replace vote Americans are left to wonder what’s next. I find this to be a tragedy because the bottom line is that the GOP doesn’t have anything better to replace Obamacare with. It’s a simple truth. I’m not in love with Obamacare, nor am I glued to it; I recognize the system has many flaws and is currently failing many Americans. I also recognize that the Trump administration is actively working to sabotage it through, among other tactics, proliferating instability in an industry that is highly dependent on certainty. Obamacare can’t be expected to succeed in such a climate but Washington doesn’t seem to notice.

The problem, in my eyes, is that healthcare has become more of a political battlefield than a way for politicians to help their constituents, who are in need of that help more than ever.

The previous plans proposed left up to 18 million uninsured by 2018, something I find to be unacceptable. I’m not a Bernie bro demanding universal health care by any measure but nor am I a zealous champion of repeal and replace. I’m an American who wants to see affordable healthcare for myself, and my fellow Americans. I want the pharmaceutical industry kept in check so drugs don’t become a class dependent good. I want healthcare CEOs to stop taking home millions in cutbacks while the prices of their vital drugs soar. I want Americans to be able to see a doctor without having to travel hundreds of miles or pay massive premiums. These aren’t absurd demands but something we should all have come to expect as Americans. Whether those demands come to fruition under a new GOP plan or from rallying around Obamacare to fix the problems it simply doesn’t matter but the reality is they probably aren’t coming until Washington stops caring more about who wins healthcare than helping the people they promised to serve.