Right-Wing Rabbi Says Bible Predicted Trump’s Win

There have been no shortage of oddball supporters of former casino developer Donald Trump who believe that they predicted that his longshot, outsider campaign for president would succeed.

One messianic rabbi took things several steps further when he shared his belief that Donald Trump’s election victory was actually predicted in the Bible.

Jonathan Cahn has made a name for himself by writing books that say how contemporary events were somehow predicted in Scripture. This messianic rabbi, who is a Jew but follows Jesus Christ, for example wrote in his book The Harbinger that the September 11th attacks were predicted in the Old Testament’s book of Isaiah. Cahn recently appeared on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth to hawk his latest title The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times and push his theory about Trump’s win having been foretold thousands of years ago. He claimed that 1 and 2 Kings predicted the elections of not only Trump, but also Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Equating the Clintons with Ahab and Jezebel, Israel’s ancient monarchs, Jonathan stated, “We are replaying an ancient mystery, where we are right now, and it is amazing and it’s true and it’s real. In the Bible, there is a king who rises up and he is the first one who pioneers, who is pushing, Baal worship. And the name is Ahab … He is the first one to actually champion from the throne Baal worship, which is the offering up of children. Now, could there be parallel? Well, there is. There is a man who rises as president, he is Bill Clinton, he is going to follow the template of Ahab.”

Describing President Trump as a contemporary iteration of Jehu, who ended up killing Jezebel, Cahn said, “He’s a warrior, he’s a fighter, he fights with everybody. His name is Jehu … He’s used by God, but he’s the most unlikely person.” Jonathan claimed Trump’s victory was foretold, because in the Bible passages “when the warrior meets the former queen, the warrior will defeat the former queen and there will be a downfall and that’s exactly what happened.” He added, “He wins and Jehu heads to the capital city. Why does he head to the capital city? To drain the swamp! Absolutely. And Jehu, specifically, is ending Baal worship, which is the offering up of children. So even Trump puts as his agenda, we want to dismantle this, which leads to the next thing and that is when he goes there, he actually destroys the Temple of Baal in the capital city. Now the Temple of Baal was built by Ahab, so he starts dismantling the system of killing children. Well, one of the first things Trump did was sign the the executive orders to try to dismantle it.” Do you think this man sincerely believes any of this, or is he a modern-day snake oil salesman? Watch his strange interview below, in two parts: