Jeff Sessions Is Facing A Lawsuit Over Russia Meetings

When President Donald Trump’s hand-picked attorney general Jeff Sessions filled out his security clearance forms, he notably forgot to disclose multiple contacts he was later proved to have had with Russian operatives.

While Sessions has yet to face any consequences for this “slip” from within Trump’s administration, he has now been hit with a lawsuit for his apparent deception.

Non-profit group People For the American Way (which overseas the Right Wing Watch watchdog group) made a Freedom of Information Act request of the FBI to get details on what the FBI asked Sessions “concerning what contacts with foreign individuals to list on or to omit from his SF-86 or other security clearance form.” As the proper time to turn over such information has now elapsed, the People for the American Way is now suing the FBI and Sessions’ Department of Justice. Wrote the organization’s president Michael Keegan in a statement about the lawsuit, “The FBI has acknowledged that Right Wing Watch’s FOIA request is of urgent public importance, yet has failed to produce the required documents in the time required by law.”

Keegan continued, “The Department of Justice has claimed that Attorney General Sessions was told not to list some contacts with foreign government officials on his SF-86 form; the documents that Right Wing Watch has requested could easily show whether or not this claim is accurate.” He concluded, “At a time when the president and his allies are under investigation for possible improper contacts with representatives of Russia’s government, it is imperative for the American people to know whether the attorney general is speaking accurately about omissions in his security clearance form. These documents should be easy to produce, and we look forward to receiving them promptly from the FBI.” Do you think Sessions should be held accountable for the fact that he lied on official government forms about his meetings with Russians?