Wonder: Anyone Who Doesn’t Believe In Global Warming Must Be ‘Blind Or Unintelligent’

During a recent concert to help benefit those affected by the recent hurricanes that have plagued America’s east coast, musician Stevie Wonder got political. That’s right. On Tuesday, the famous singer asserted that anyone who does not believe in global warming “must be blind.” He continued: “Anyone who believes that there’s no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent,” the musician said during the “Hand in Hand” telethon, according to The Hill.



Wonder added: “Lord, please save us all.” Wonder was likely referring to the Republican such as President Donald Trump and EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s blatant denial of climate change.  His comments come on the heels of the two devastating hurricanes: Irma and Harvey.




What’s more, Trump’s homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, stated on Tuesday it would be inappropriate for him to comment on climate change. Bossert claimed: “I think what’s prudent for us right now is to make sure those response capabilities are there. Causality is something outside my ability to analyze right now. I do note that there’s a cyclical nature to a lot of these hurricane seasons.”



While experts who study weather agree that climate change does not cause any hurricanes, it creates conditions that can make them stronger and more intense. And the fact that these two storms hit with such intensity are a sure sign that what humans are putting into the air is affecting the planet. In fact, Hurricane Harvey left $150 billion worth of damage making it the most expensive natural disaster to ever affect the United States.




The Trump administration began rolling back nearly Obama era climate change policies, including limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and the oil and natural gas sector when first Trump was first elected. Trump has also slashed the EPA budget when we need it the most. Harvey was so devastating that FEMA officials claim they will be on site for years in helping the city recuperate.