Trump Backer Blames Liberals For Death Of Former Fox Host’s Son

It goes without saying that the untimely death of former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s son Chase is a tragedy. The 19-year-old was found dead in his dorm room at the University of Colorado, Boulder just one day after news broke that Fox News had fired his father.

In predictably baseless and distasteful fashion, outspoken far-right Trump supporter Wayne Allyn Root stated on his radio show why he believes that liberals are to blame for Chase Bolling’s passing.

Eric Bolling, who had been a prominent booster of Donald Trump on Fox News, was let go from the conservative network after multiple female co-workers came forward with claims that Bolling had sexually harassed them by “sexting” them pictures of his genitals. After Chase died, TMZ connected the younger Bolling’s passing with shame he felt about his father’s dismissal, reporting, “Eric Chase Bolling, Jr. died in his bed, TMZ has learned, after enduring ’emotional torture’ over the humiliation his dad was suffering, but the circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery. Sources familiar with the death investigation tell TMZ, Eric Chase was ‘destroyed’ by his dad’s departure from Fox News Channel … forced out because years ago Eric Sr. had texted pics of his genitalia. Sources connected with Eric Sr. tell us he actually made the decision to part ways earlier than he wanted because he knew his son was having trouble dealing with the publicity and the embarrassment.” The article added, “Our sources say Eric Chase was found in his bed Friday afternoon with the covers over him in normal position. There was no suicide note, we’re told, and no pill bottles or drug paraphernalia. Nevertheless, the operating theory is that this was some form of overdose. As one source tells TMZ, ’19-year-olds just don’t go to sleep and not wake up.'”

Naturally, radio host Root cast blame on liberals for this tragic turn of events, claiming on his show, “Liberals are trying to destroy us, they think this is a bloodsport. Eric Bolling literally was fired from Fox News on Friday and just a couple of hours later, his only child was dead and it looks like it was suicide or something related to the emotional embarrassment and disturbance of your dad being embroiled in sexual harassment charges. What a terrible thing. Did liberals hound him, do they bear some responsibility? You’re darn right they do!” He added, “It led to the death of this man’s beautiful son,” saying that Fox had let Bolling go because they were afraid of more lawsuits. Root concluded that Fox News dismissed Eric “just like that, and now his son is dead. Well, you tell me who’s responsible, okay. Certainly liberals bear some responsibility.” Do you find Root’s claim to be far-fetched? Watch his comments below: