Conservative Group Goes After Senator Franken In Recently Released Ads

A conservative group called the Judicial Crisis Network released a new ad on Wednesday attacking Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken.


Last week, Senator Franken refused to endorse President Trump’s pick, David Stras, for the St. Louis based 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Franken released a statement, saying, “I have grown concerned that, if confirmed to the federal bench, Justice Stras would be a deeply conservative jurist in the mold of Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, justices who the nominee himself has identified as role models.”


This did not sit well with the right leaning Judicial Crisis Network.


“Who’s more popular than Al Franken? Justice David Stras. So, is Al Franken jealous of someone more popular? Someone with bipartisan support? Tell Senator Franken-stop being petty- grow up. Confirm Justice David Stras,” a narrator says in the ad.


Carrie Severino, the Judicial Crisis Network’s chief counsel and policy director, released a statement going after Senator Franken.


“Justice David Stras earned more votes and a higher percentage of the vote statewide than Senator Al Franken did. Franken is trying to block the Judiciary Committee from even reviewing Justice Stras’s sterling record and his refusal to return the blue slip for Justice Stras is unacceptable. By not returning his blue slip, Senator Franken is choosing Washington politics over the people of Minnesota.”