Barack And Michelle Obama Launch New Charity To Help Community Development

America misses having a President in office that has compassion for all of humanity, not just a select few. Now, America is stuck with the tyrant President Trump who is dead set on reversing every single Obama-era policy he can. Trump doesn’t even seem to care about improving America. He only seems to care about himself and winning.



However, luckily, former President Obama is still around and doing everything he can to help keep America’s progress on track in spite of the heinous Trump administration. In fact, the former President took to Twitter to announce the launch of his charitable organization, the Obama Foundation.



According to the tweet, later this year, the former first couple is scheduled to hold the Obama Foundation Summit. During which they will be inviting hundreds of leaders from around the world for a “hands-on exchange of ideas” before sending them back home, empowered and inspired, to begin working to organize and develop their own communities. Obama tweeted on Wednesday: “Michelle and I want the @ObamaFoundation to inspire and empower people to change the world. Here’s how we’re getting started this fall.”








This is only one example of the Obama’s charitable ventures. Just a few months ago, the former President announced plans for his presidential library.  Obama said that he and his wife Michelle will be personally donating $2 million to summer jobs programs in Chicago so “young people can get to work.” Clearly, Obama and Michelle have not forgotten where they came and are looking to give underprivileged youth the same opportunities they had.