White House Gives Update On Status Of U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Building a wall across the Mexico-U.S. border has been one of President Trump’s main promises since announcing his run for president.


On Tuesday, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short gave an update on the border wall.


While speaking to reporters, Short said, “We’re interested in getting border security and the president has made the commitment to the American people that a barrier is important to that security. Whether or not that is part of a DACA equation, or … another legislative vehicle, I don’t want to bind us into a construct that would make the conclusion on DACA impossible.”


Despite confirming that Trump will not demand wall funding be tied to DACA legislation, Short made a point to confirm that Trump is “not backing off” his original promise.


“The president is not backing off a border wall. The president is committed to sticking by the commitment that a physical structure is needed … whether that is part of a DACA package or another package, I won’t prejudge that today, but he’s committed to getting that wall built.”


Following his announcement to end the DACA program, Trump tweeted that it is now up to Congress to “get ready to do your job” and find a replacement.