Senator Schumer Slams Controversial Commission Formed By Trump

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) recently gave an update on the ongoing efforts by Democrats to disband President Trump’s voter fraud commission.


“The commission is a nasty solution in search of a problem. The election integrity commission ought to be disbanded. We will be looking for ways to do that legislatively. The real threat of election integrity comes not from voter fraud but from foreign meddling and cyberattacks,” Schumer said.


Schumer continued, stating, “I think this commission, what it’s trying to do, flies in the face of what this country is all about.”


Schumer has been very critical of Trump’s voter commission in the past.


In an op-ed published last month in Medium, Schumer blasted the voter fraud commission, writing, “The president’s “Election Integrity Commission” and the actions of the attorney general are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are a ruse. Their only intention is to disenfranchise voters. This is how the appalling failure to use the right words and stand up to hate in the aftermath of Charlottesville is made real in the form of policy; they are two edges of the same sword.”


Schumer also demanded that the commission be disbanded and called on President Trump to do so immediately.