Rush Limbaugh Defends Calling Irma A Hoax But Leaving Anyway

Conservative talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh is not a novice when it comes to spouting provocative, baseless theories about those on the left side of the political spectrum. His recent long ramble about how Hurricane Irma is a liberal plot, however, drew him particular scorn.

Rush was forced to eat his words when he, too, ended up evacuating his Florida home before the deadly hurricane hit. When he returned to his radio pulpit following the storm, he was forced to reconcile his hoax theory with the fact that he clearly took the storm seriously enough to flee from it.

Making the case that he remained calm and did not “panic” when he evacuated his residence in Palm Beach, Limbaugh doubled down on his view that the hurricane was in part just a media creation and was not connected to climate change. Said Rush on his show, “I explained how the world works. I explained how local media seeks to hype these storms ’cause it’s good for ratings, and it’s also good for grocery stores and advertisers that sell things you need during a hurricane.” He went on, “This is a series of lies and misstatements, and this is because I do not heel. I do not join everybody in the conventional wisdom, the consensus and the group-think. I did not join in the panic. I did not join in helpless wailing and ‘Oh, woe is me!’ I did not join in any of the things––and I specifically didn’t join the idea that global warming or climate change was causing this.” Rush then added, “You’re not supposed to give people an alternative way of looking at something outside the group-think. If you do, they’re gonna come after you and try to destroy your credibility and smear you, because they have an agenda that they seek to advance using every public event they can.” Do you think Rush should just admit, for once, that he was wrong? Listen to his broadcast below: