Pastor Says Trump Is Only Politician Who Cares About Black People

Donald Trump is legendary for being self-serving and narcissistic, so it is somewhat shocking that Trump still has a large, cult-like following of people who sincerely believes that he cares about them.

A right-wing African-American pastor named Jesse Lee Peterson took things one step further and claimed that Trump is the only politician who “truly loves” black people.

In what feels like something written by North Korean state media about Kim Jong-un, radio show host Peterson wrote an article titled “This Man is the Only Politician Who Cares” in which he applauded Trump for his crisis management. Stated Jesse, “Thank God that Trump is president in these times. As America deals with major natural disasters in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the people can find comfort knowing President Trump is at the helm, and emergency responders (including even FEMA) are functioning well.” He then continued, absurdly, “I shudder to think of the mess we’d be in had Hillary been in charge. President Trump is the only politician who truly loves the people, including black people.”

He then framed Trump’s repeal of DACA as a black issue, claiming, “For decades, the government has brought in illegal aliens and others who hate our freedom and rule of law. The government has attacked our country’s Christian values, and it has advanced the destruction of children and families. These things affect all people, but especially blacks.” Peterson added, “Since before he was elected, President Trump understood and expressed the ‘big problems’ in our country more clearly and forcefully than anyone else in leadership. He expressed love for the people. Until Trump, black issues were not on the table, except to promote evil – Americans are called ‘racist’ when they oppose evil. But no one else cares or talks about black unemployment or violence in communities. Immigration hurts blacks first. They face crime and competition for jobs, education and services ‘immigrants’ bring.” Portraying Trump as a hero to the African-American community, Peterson then proclaimed, “Thankfully, the president took one step in ending DACA –Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive order to allow roughly 900,000 illegal aliens who came here as ‘children’ to stay in the country.” How can this Trump supporter make these ridiculous arguments with a straight face?