Infowars Host Shares Odd Theory About Trump’s Mental State

Oddball, bigoted “Infowars” host Alex Jones has carved out an unlikely success of a career during the Trump Era by promoting shocking, outlandish conspiracy theories about politicians and other notables.

In a recent broadcast, Jones addressed the fact that there has been widespread speculation that President Donald Trump has been suffering from a sharp decline in his mental health, which has taken a significant toll on his impulse control and decision-making ability. However, in typical fashion, Alex presented a wild, alternate theory for why Trump appears to be deteriorating mentally.

On his radio show, Jones defended 71-year-old Trump’s mental fitness by claiming that the impairment in the president’s judgment and behavior has been caused by conspirators controlling him with powerful sedatives. Explained the host on his program about the shadowy operatives, who Jones declined to identify, “They drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet. The president needs his blood tested by an outside physician he trusts.” Continued Jones about Trump, whose family has a history of being affected by Alzheimer’s disease, “I’ve talked to people, multiple ones, and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea, and that the president by 6 or 7 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged. Now first they had to isolate him to do that. But, yes, ladies and gentleman, I’ve talked to people that talk to the president now at 9 at night, he is slurring his words, and I’m going to leave it at that. I’ve talked to folks that have talked to him directly.”

Continued Jones, relating the current president to known Alzheimer’s sufferer Ronald Reagan, “Ladies and gentlemen, I was told this by high level sources and it was evident and especially after Reagan was shot in his first year in office when he was acting like Trump, and doing the right things, that he never really recovered.” Claimed Alex, “They gave him cold blood, and his transfusion that causes brain damage. They slowly gave him small amounts of sedatives. It’s known that most presidents end up getting drugged. Small dosages of sedatives till they build it up. Trump’s such a bull he hasn’t fully understood it yet.” Do you find Jones’ theory laughable? Listen to a clip from his program below: