Hicks Gets Permanent White House Gig

Longtime aide Hope Hicks will stay on as communications director, removing the "interim" qualifier from her job description.

Hope Hicks was among the first members of President Donald Trump’s team as he assumed control of the White House. Even amidst massive personnel turnover that has consumed loyalists from Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, to Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci, Hicks has remained among an inner circle that seems comfortable with their job security status.

After the recent tumult in Trump’s communications team, Hicks was the last woman standing. After Sean Spicer resigned and Anthony Scaramucci was fired, she was named the interim communications director to fill the void. She was expected to hold the position at least until incoming Chief of Staff John F. Kelly could maintain some semblance of order among a restless staff. Now that things have settled down, however, it seems that Hicks will stay on in that role indefinitely.

Given the regularity of turnover in the West Wing, Hicks was initially resistant to remove the “interim” part of her title. It was reported earlier this summer that when she was first offered the communications director role, it was she who insisted on the “interim” qualifier, indicating a lack of confidence that she would remain on long-term.

When she was initially appointed to the post, First Daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to congratulate her “talented friend & colleague Hope Hicks on being named WH Communications Director,” leaving out the “interim” part of her title. Now, it seems that Ms. Trump was correct.

“Gen. Kelly has come in and done a look-see on what everyone’s been working on for the first six or seven months here,” described one White House aide of the turnover. “Some people were ready,” the aide said, “and some people were not.”

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was promoted when her job was left vacant by Sean Spicer. Now, these two women will lead Trump’s press team moving forward.