Former House Speaker Issues Warning To President Trump

Former House Speaker John Boehner issued a warning to President Trump in a statement released Monday.


Boehner’s statement warned President Trump about withdrawing from the Korea-US Trade Agreement.


Trump has criticized the deal in the past, claiming it “doubled our trade deficit with South Korea and destroyed nearly 100,000 American jobs.”


In 2011, Boehner helped negotiate the deal.


Boehner’s statement read, “For our strategic endeavors to succeed, however, the United States must strengthen-not weaken its already vital economic relationships in the Pacific, from South Korea and Japan to Australia and China. We cannot isolate the regime in Pyongyang by isolating ourselves.”


Boehner then explained the negatives of leaving the deal.


“Withdrawing from the Korea US Trade Agreement [KORUS] would undermine America’s strategic objectives in the Pacific region and undercut our own workers and employers, who continue to depend on the free flow of goods and services between the US and the Republic of Korea. Instead of pulling back from our current engagements and commitments, we must renew and strengthen our relationships in the Pacific region, not just with South Korea, but with China, as reflected in the joint commitment to economic cooperation that was expressed by President Trump and President Xi in April; and with Australia and Japan, our long standing allies, whose alliances and friendships with America are now more important than ever.”