Florida Republican Laughs At Scott Pruitt’s Comment About Climate Change On Live TV

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes received a surprise reaction from the chair of the Collier County Commission, Penny Taylor, during a recent interview. In the interview, Taylor burst into laughter when Hayes brought up  Environmental Protection Agency Chief’s comment that “the time to talk about climate change isn’t now.”




As she laughed, she told the reporter: “Where is this man? Get him here! There’s never been a storm acting like Irma did in the Atlantic. … The scientists say our storms are going to get stronger, they’re going to come at us with more frequency, there’s more water pushed in…”



She continued: “There will always be the doubters, but I think rational people in quieter moments will understand that this isn’t the end of the world but, my gosh, we have to prepare. There has to be an adaptation technologically to accept the fact that the sea level is going to get higher.”

Pruitt’s comment clearly shows that the EPA administrator has zero intention of ever discussing the dangers of climate change. Even though Hurricane Irma is the strongest storm to ever form in the Atlantic,  and immediately Hurricane Harvey, the EPA clearly is still not convinced. In fact, the FEMA Director called Harvey the “worst storm in Texas history.” Regardless of the GOP leadership’s stance on climate change, these storms are the perfect launching point for a discussion on the dangerous effects of climate change and the steps that need to be taken immediately to protect ourselves.


What’s more, in the past, President Trump has referred to climate change as “hoax” created by the Chinese to defer manufacturing within the United States. What will it take for the GOP leadership to learn that now is the time to act?