Clinton Book Shows Anger With GOP Establishment

Hillary Clinton vents her frustration with the Republican establishment in her new book, "What Happened," about the 2016 presidential election.

This week, Hillary Clinton released a new book called “What Happened.” The book chronicles the 2016 presidential election from her perspective, and heaps blame on a number of friends and foes for her stunning loss. Those she blames includes former FBI director James Comey, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and Democratic party challenger Bernie Sanders. However, she also used space in the book to voice her frustrations with the Republican political establishment.

She accuses the Republican establishment of folding too quickly to Donald Trump, an outsider candidate unfit to serve. The GOP establishment faced an impossible choice – hand their nomination to an untamable man with no clear ideology, or oppose the guy who won the primary vote by a large margin and hand power to the Democrats. Ultimately, establishment figures like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell fell in line behind Trump, and the result is the unprecedented administration that America has today.

About McConnell, Clinton complained about how he handled his business when she was Secretary of State. She wrote, “We know now that even after he was fully briefed by the CIA, McConnell rejected the intelligence and warned the Obama administration that if it made any attempt to inform the public, he would attack it for playing politics. I can’t think of a more shameful example of a national leader so blatantly putting partisanship over national security. McConnell knew better, but he did it anyway.”

She also attacked the Republican mainstream media for their role in legitimizing Donald Trump. She said, “Rupert Murdoch and the late Roger Ailes probably did more than anyone else to make all this possible. For years, Fox News has been the most powerful and prominent platform for the right-wing war on truth. Ailes, a former advisor to Richard Nixon, built Fox by demonizing and delegitimizing mainstream media that tried to adhere to traditional standards of objectivity and accuracy.”