Dem Rep Introduces Bill To Test Trump’s Mental Fitness

Republican President Donald Trump’s reckless behavior has prompted no shortage of discussion about the state of his mental health and his fitness to run the country.

A great deal of talk has centered around the 25th Amendment, which enables a sitting president to be removed if he or she is determined to not have the competence to function as our chief executive. Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California decided to put words into action and just introduced a bill that, if passed, would require President Trump to take a mental health exam to assess his fitness.

In Rep. Lofgren’s bill, Vice President Mike Pence and the majority of Trump’s cabinet could theoretically use the 25th Amendment to testify that Trump is not mentally stable and competent, using the results of the mental health exam to back up their statements. Reads Rep. Lofgren’s measure, “Quickly secure the services of medical and psyhciatric professionals to exame the president to assist in their deliberatons under the 25th Amendment to determine whether the president suffers from a mental disorder or other injury that impairs his abilities and prevents him from discharging his Constitutional duties.”

Details Rep. Lofgren’s resolution, “President Donald J. Trump has exhibited an alarming pattern of behavior and speech causing concern that a mental disorder may have rendered him unfit and unable to fulfill his Constitutional duties.” Congresswoman Lofgren’s office put out a statement in support of the measure, in which Rep. Lofgren said, “Many Americans, including many Republicans, have observed the President’s increasingly disturbing pattern of actions and public statements that suggest he may be mentally unfit to execute the duties required of him. The President has not released a serious medical evaluation. Just as would be the case if the President were physically unable to execute the office of the President, this resolution urges those entrusted with the responsibility enshrined in the 25th Amendment to employ the services of medical and psychiatric professionals to help in their determination whether the President is mentally capable of carrying out his Constitutional responsibilities.” Do you support Zoe Lofgren’s measure?