Top Dem Senator Reveals Major Information About Trump Jr.’s Russia Testimony

On Thursday, a Senate panel interviewed Donald Trump Jr.


Trump Jr. was questioned about his meeting with a Russian lawyer prior to the presidential election.


Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) was apart of the Senate panel and revealed major information about the testimony.


While speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Blumenthal said, “There were gaping holes in the information he provided, which is why we need to have him come back in public under oath in a hearing of the Judiciary Committee.”


Blumenthal continued, stating, “But he left nothing to dispel my impression that that June 9 meeting essentially signaled to the Russians ‘we’re open for business, we’re ready to deal,’ and he went to that meeting because he was promised, in effect, dirt on Hillary Clinton.”


Blumenthal also called on President Trump to take accountability for the meeting.


“The president also has to be held accountable, because he is the one who is embroiled and involved in this issue, and the question is, ‘What did he know and when did he know it?” he said.


According to The Hill, Trump Jr. answered questions by the Senate committee for five hours.


It is believed that Trump Jr. took the meeting with the Russian lawyer to receive damaging information about Hillary Clinton.