Al Franken Makes a Promise to the American People

Following news the Trump administration is going to end the Dreamers iniative many have taken to social media to fight the decision. Al Franken is one of just many who had a message for Americans everywhere. Franken posted the following message on Facebook:

“According to reports, President Trump is planning to end the deferred action childhood for arrivals program—commonly known as DACA—which provides protection to immigrants who, at no fault of their own, were brought to America at a young age.

These men and women, often called Dreamers, are American in every single way except immigration status. They are students, innovators, and entrepreneurs. They’re our friends, coworkers, and neighbors. And the decision by President Trump to reportedly end DACA is a disgrace to our moral values and our principles. It’s not who we are or should be as a nation.

Let me be clear: I promise that I will fight to protect the Dreamers who live in Minnesota and across the country.”

This is the kind of leadership we’d like to see coming from the White House which is instead, mired in constant controversy. Franken also made comments regarding Labor Day in a follow-up post:

“I’m a proud union member and—as I told a group of steelworkers on my recent visit to Eveleth—I strongly believe that every working American should have the right to join a union and negotiate for fair pay and better treatment in the workplace. Today, on Labor Day, we honor American workers and we thank organized labor for things like the eight-hour workday, the weekend, overtime pay, the minimum wage, and child labor laws.

Thank you to all the unions who have fought for years—and continue to fight—to make sure that a hard day’s work earns a decent day’s pay, and that a lifetime of hard work earns people in Minnesota and our nation a secure and comfortable retirement.”