Cruz Responds After Being Called Out By Christie.

Harvey has shaken up more than just Houston as politicians scramble to figure out how to best handle the situation while trying to not fight amongst each other any more than usual as they do. Chris Christie and Ted Cruz are just two of many who’ve been at each other’s throats following Harvey. The situation started when Christie reminded everyone that 23 or 24 Texas Congressmen voted to deny aid following Sandy. Things were ramped up when Christie added Cruz was a hypocrite and liar. With the full story CBS reports:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took Texas Senator Ted Cruz to task over his lack of support of funding relief packages in the wake of Hurricane Sandy as the debate over providing aid to Hurricane Harvey victims continues.

Christie, appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday, criticized Cruz for his recent pleas for disaster relief funding in his home state of Texas, despite Cruz’s track record of having voted against a Sandy relief bill in 2012, a move Christie slammed as “disgraceful.”

“He talks about playing politics — that’s what he did with people’s lives in 2012 and 2013. He was trying to play politics to make it look like he was the most conservative guy in town,” Christie said on Tuesday.

During his own MSNBC appearance Tuesday, Cruz repeated a claim he’s made that two-thirds of the bill had nothing to do with Sandy and instead was filed with “unrelated pork,” which Christie strongly disputed.

“Almost all of the spending in the 50 billion dollar bill was for New York and New Jersey and some of the other areas that got affected by Sandy for hurricane relief,” Christie said. “He knows it. The worst thing about it — and this is why politics has got so cynical in Washington — is statements like that. He should just stand up and say, ‘You know what? I was wrong, I was wrong in 2012, It was the wrong thing to do and I hope that the people of New Jersey and New York are willing to let bygones be bygones and vote for relief for Texas,'” Christie added.

Meanwhile, on an appearance on Fox News, Cruz responded directly to Christie’s claims, saying the focus should remain on the people who are impacted by the storm.

“I’m sorry that there are politicians who seem really desperate to have their name in the news and saying whatever they need to, to do that,” said Cruz.